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 Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research was established by the Tel Aviv University School of Management as a center dedicated to the study and dissemination of up-to-date knowledge in the field of real estate, on all its theoretical and applied aspects. As part of this, the Alrov Institute for Real Estate Research strives to promote real estate knowledge through innovative research of real estate in its broadest sense; train the next generation of leaders and decision-makers in the real estate market; and hold local and international forums consisting of industry researchers, policymakers and professionals. The Alrov Institute strives to achieve academic excellence and maintain its prominent international status in real estate research.


In light of its vision of advancing real estate research and knowledge in Israel and abroad, the institute is focused on three main goals:
1. To promote and encourage theoretical and applied academic research of real estate markets in the broadest sense, in Israel and globally.
2. To train students who will form the next generation of decision-makers in the real estate market and the private and public sectors.
3. To impact the public agenda of the real estate market in Israel and abroad by preparing policy papers and holding forums concerning current events in real estate markets.

The Alrov Institute’s operation is intended to support and strengthen the Israeli real estate sector by promoting fair and effective development, as well as to increase transparency in the operation of the Israeli real estate market.

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