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The Course

The International Real Estate Course includes a one-week visit of the Toronto real estate market, Canada. The course aims to provide a hands-on experience and an up-to-date understanding of the various aspects of real estate theory and practice as applied to the North American and specifically Canadian real estate market. The course provides a real-life learning experience of Canada's most notable financial, legal, development, business, research, policy and government firms. It is based on academic and professional lectures, site tours, and business case presentations by banks, brokers, real estate developers, pension plans, REITs, law firms, and more.


Participation will be based on outstanding credentials and proof of willingness to work hard as well as background and interest in a career in the area of real estate. Students from the MBA, M.Sc., Sofaer iMBA and EMBA programs will be considered.

Academic Prerequisites

Students enrolled to the Real Estate Finance Sub-Specialization will have an advantage in the enrollment process.

MBA, M.Sc. Students are required to have completed an introductory finance course and to have completed or be currently enrolled to “Real Estate Investment Analysis” (course #1231-3362).

In addition, completion of (or currently being enrolled to) at least one of the following real estate courses is required:

  • Real Estate Finance and Economics (course #1231-3312)
  • Real Estate Investment Analysis (course #1231-3362)
  • Real Estate Development (course #1231-3371)
  • Real Estate Taxation (course #1231-3372)
  • Real Estate Law (course #1231-3368)

Sofaer iMBA and EMBA students

Participation in one or more of the above mentioned courses will be considered an advantage.

Professional experience in real estate or in related professions will be considered an advantage

Enrollment Requirements

The pre-enrollment process for the course will include:

  • A one-page essay on the student’s interests including a description of any background in the field of real estate.
  • A review of the courses' grades sheet previously taken by the student, particularly the real estate courses.
  • CV+ Photo
  • A personal interview
  • Class presentation (5-8 slides) and discussion (in English) on course related topics – presentation should be sent with the rest of the documents prior to the frontal presentation.

*** All submitted docs shall be in English (except for the grades' sheet) and be sent in one package.


Commitment fee of 250$ (scholarships are available upon need) and travel insurance will be paid by the student.

Airfare, hotel, transportation, and meals are provided by the program.

Last day for registration for the course: January 21, 2018

For registration and inquiries, send us an email: alrovinst@tauex.tau.ac.il

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